About Elders

Twin sisters born in autumn, Charlotte Long and Daphne Woolsoncroft have brought the essence of their gothic, English ancestors into their mission to create sustainably sourced and naturally flavored brews. In a dated, brick building along the Hudson River in New York State, Elders crafts uniquely flavored coffee that doesn’t compromise ethics or genuinity; each cup dreamily transporting you to a preternatural place.

With Charlotte working in film & TV set design, and Daphne authoring mystery novels, they combined their style and taste to conjure up flavors they wanted to see on the coffee market; many of which can’t be found anywhere else. Having noticed a theme of generically -and artificially- flavored competitors, they continue to strive to create coffee that anyone can feel good about drinking. This can also be said about the source of the coffee beans themselves, which come from conscious farms in Nicaragua.

The name Elders has many inspirers, but originally derived from Scottish healer and elder Witch, Agnes Sampon; set aflame in the North Berwick witch trials during the 16th century. Alongside the idea of honoring her, Charlotte and Daphne adored the idea that our ascendants - our Elders - were wise, making us all want to be older; aspiring to be the same astute, coffee-drinking inhabitors they were.